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Salon J hair salon is honored to be an Ambassador for Wigs for Kids with offering 50% off cuts for anyone donating their ponytails to Wigs for Kids. 


Wigs for Kids rely on hair donations and financial support to make durable, custom, natural looking Hair Systems that are provided at no cost to children experiencing hair loss. For every hair system made for a child it takes 20-30 ponytails and $1800.00.


If you have 12 inches or more of hair you would like to donate please schedule an appointment.  


I cannot accept hair that has been chemically processd - perms, color treated or hilights.  Natural color or highlights that wash out are  acceptable. Hair that has been chemically procedded will not withstand chemical processing to sanitize the hair. Gray hair is acceptable. 

Wigs for Kids serves ALL types of children's hair loss, where Locks of Love serves mostly children with Alopcia as the original found Peggy Knight had. 


Also, Wigs for Kids was the first children's provider (over 30 years old) of quality hand tied wigs for children birthed from the beauty industry by Jeffrey Paul. Founded because of the need of his niece who had cancer, but then grew because of the need and experience of the beauty industry. 


What is the major differences between Wigs for Kids and Locks of Love?


Wigs for kids does NOT charge the child or their family for their hair piece or proucts, where Locks of love have a graduating scale based on income that they charge the family.




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